1. Publicly acknowledge the good work they do

Submit an article to the local newspaper, include a mention in official speeches, feature individual volunteer contributions in the company newsletter and generally make a point of speaking about the crucial role volunteers play in delivering and enhancing your organisational outcomes.

2. Get to know them

Work alongside your volunteers to fully appreciate the job that they do. Assess what they are good at and what they enjoy, and try to match them to similar tasks. Learn as many names as you can and provide positive verbal feedback as often as possible.

3. Express appreciation in handwritten notes

If an individual volunteer goes above and beyond the call of duty, say thank you with a handwritten note that is sincere and full of heart. 

4. Give them a customised gift on behalf of your company

Think about a functional and fun gift to express your gratitude and give volunteers a greater sense of connection with your company, with a personalised present from Keep It Custom.  

Providing a customised gift volunteers need and value is an ideal way to acknowledge their contribution and strengthen their loyalty.

5. ‘Volunteer of the Month’ awards

Many larger organisations run ‘Volunteer of the Month’ award programs. A bit of healthy competition and public recognition is an ideal way to keep volunteers motivated to strive for greatness and remain enthusiastic about the task at hand.

If your organisation doesn’t have the capacity to run its own program, investigate opportunities to nominate hardworking volunteers in external awards programs.

6. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions

Some people choose to volunteer as a social outlet. Volunteering is a way of connecting with other like-minded people within the community to achieve a common goal.

Enlist a Volunteer Coordinator to keep track of volunteer birthdays and other special occasions to help volunteers feel part of a broader social network.

7. Provide clear and concise job descriptions

Everyone likes to have clearly defined objectives and a sense of belonging. Volunteers are no different. Ensure there are clear parameters around the expectations of their role and the goals they are working toward. This will help keep everyone focused and working toward achievable outcomes.

8. Create a bulletin board featuring individual achievements

This can be online or old-school, depending on your most effective means of communication with your volunteers; but recognising individual accomplishments and milestones is a clever way to highlight individual achievements and establish an overall barometer for success

9. Encourage skilled volunteers to mentor others

People love to share their skills, experience and knowledge with others. Asking successful volunteers to train and mentor those new on the scene is an effective way to recognise the expertise they bring to the role.

10. Involve volunteers in future planning

Volunteers want to feel like an integral part of your organisation – not just an add on. Let them play a vital role by involving them in determining the long-term planning and vision for your organisation to increase their investment and maximise their performance.

Show your appreciation
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