1. Select the right space

If you’re lucky enough to select your trade show space, aim for a spot close to the front or in the centre, where the action is. These spots usually get snapped up fast, so getting in early helps to secure this prime real estate. If these locations are beyond your budget, try and nab a cosy corner nook, as this offers increased options for showcasing your wares.

2. Give your booth a welcoming vibe
When creating an attractive and inviting space for potential customers, take into consideration elements such as lighting and ambience. We always recommend bringing your own lighting, as you never know how dark or dingy a trade show hall may be. It’s also important to consider accessibility – how will traffic move in, out and around your booth?

Once you’ve set up your trade show stall, it pays to check out the competition. Look at what other stalls are doing around you and think about what you can do differently to stand out from the crowd.

3. Choose your market
Consider the type of audience each individual trade show is likely to attract. Does your company collateral scream high-end or trailer park?

Invest in quality customised company collateral to project a professional image to all potential customers. These are the take-home pieces that can convert your conversations into clients and sales long after the trade show has closed its doors.

4. Less is more
While it’s tempting to take your entire company line to exhibit at your next trade show, remember that the more equipment you have, the more work will be involved in set-up and pack down. Again, consider your audience for each individual event and tailor your products accordingly.

Select a few key pieces of equipment and collateral and highlight your full range with images, catalogues and online displays. Ensure your staff are knowledgeable in the full range of products and services you offer so they can speak to these when engaging potential customers.

5. Select the right staff
Perhaps the most essential element of any trade show appearance, is staffing your booth with the right people. Just because someone has worked for your company the longest or is the most senior, doesn’t make them the best choice.

Think about people who engage positively with others, have a broad depth of knowledge about your organisation and display initiative and insight to get the job done. Never force staff to work your stall, as people being there against their will is not a good way to attract customers!

If you’re not using volunteers to man your booth, don’t forget to factor in overtime and penalty staff rates into your trade show budget.

Branding your business
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