Appreciation is pretty fundamental for us as humans: when we’ve done a good job, we really want to hear about it, and this is especially true as another year of hard work draws to a close.

When you recognise your employees for their hard work, you’re getting a payoff, too. Many studies show that proper kudos can lead to increased individual productivity, greater employee satisfaction, better loyalty and more productive teamwork.

If you’re wondering what to get for the staff member who has consistently gone above-and-beyond, saved the company’s bacon, or has just been an all-round great team player, you really can’t go past a personalised vessel for an end-of-year tipple or two.

Whether they’re into beer, wine or spirits, we’ve got the perfect gift that your employees will enjoy using for the entire silly season. Bottoms up!

1.    Without you, life would be un-beer-able

There’s no better way to end the working day (or year) than by sharing a frothy one with your colleagues, and you can up the ‘cool boss’ factor by presenting your employees with their very own engraved beer mug to use at the company Christmas party.

Made from quality European glassware, these customised beer glasses look fantastic once engraved with your personalised design. Include a personal message, details or ‘in joke’, and it’ll be a gift your staff will treasure for many Friday afternoons to come. 

Buy Now: Engraved Achievement Award 500ml Beer Mug

Beer Mug Engraved Awards Gift 

2.    Slip, sip, hooray

For the debonair drinker that prefers a longer-term approach to their tipple, you can’t go past an engraved silver hip flask that fits right in their jacket pocket.

With an attached screw top lid for easy access, your staff will be Chrissy-partying all night long, and once morning comes, they’ll still have the perfect memento to carry with them.

Make sure you add their name, your own personalised message, or your business logo, so they remember an unforgettable night.

Buy Now: Engraved Achievement Award Silver Hip Flask

Silver Hip Flask Award Gift 

3.    Chardon-hey! You’ve had a great year

Reward those employees who say, ‘wine not?’ to challenges with a beautiful engraved 360ml wine glass – the perfect accompaniment to their favourite blends.

Italian-made and classic in design, these glasses have plenty of room for you to include a statement about their contribution to the organisation.

Buy Now: Engraved Achievement Award 360ml Wine Glass

Wine Glass Engraved Award Gift 

4.    Say ‘salut’ to a wonderful career

Perhaps this isn’t just the end of the year, but the end of the working career for one of your valuable employees. It’s a milestone moment in anyone’s professional life, and deserves to be marked with a lasting gift.

An engraved wine set is the perfect way to say bon voyage: along with a beautiful wooden stained wine box and silk-lined interior, this keepsake also features a set of stainless steel tools, including a wine stopper, waiters friend, aerator and cork saver.

Get creative and highlight their achievements via the laser engraving on the outside of the box. Finally, add a bottle of their favourite vino, and you’ve got a fantastic memento they’ll treasure.

Buy Now: Engraved Achievement Award Stained Wine Gift Box Set

Stained Wooden Wine Box Award GiftStained Wooden Wine Box Award Gift

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