To achieve these simple goals of the corporate gift-giving world, we share a few rules of thumb to consider when purchasing your next corporate present:

1. What does this gift say about your business?

When purchasing corporate gifts, it’s important to remember that the recipient will associate your company with the product-at-hand forever more. What kind of image do you want to portray: Sleek and sophisticated? Fun and funky? Reliable and loyal? Purchase a gift that aligns with your brand values and business objectives and let it do the talking.

2. How does this gift meet the needs of the recipient?

There’s no point giving a set of expertly-engraved wine glasses to a tee-totaling company CEO. Or exquisite laser-cut bookmarks to executives at a kindle company. Our point is: do your research and know your recipient. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the better suited your corporate gift will be.

Engraved Wine Glass

3. What do you hope this gift achieves?

As outlined earlier, there are many reasons why companies give corporate gifts. Be clear from the beginning about what your objectives are and follow-up to achieve results. The act of giving may create the opportunity you need to connect with an intended audience, so be strategic and specific in your corporate gifting intent.

4. Are you being genuine and sincere?

Once you have decided on the ideal gift that embodies your brand, will be well-received by its intended recipient and help you achieve specific goals, be genuine in your delivery.
Simple details such as including a hand-written note will go a long way to genuinely engaging your desired recipient and may just be the beginning of a long and prosperous professional relationship.

Customised Corporate Gifts

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