1. Preparation is key

Prepare your wrapping space before you begin. Make sure you have an expansive work space free from debris and clutter. Clean your hands and clear your mind. The pathway to perfect wrapping lies before you.

2. Tool up

Wrapping Paper Work Station

No workspace is complete without the proper tools. A ruler and two pairs of scissors can come in handy—one for paper and one for ribbon. Sticky tape is also a must. Tape with a matte finish is preferred, and have some double-sided tape on hand for complicated areas.

3. Consider paper quality

If your paper is too thin, it will tear easily, allowing package corners to poke through; too-thick paper, on the other hand, leads to a bulky wrap. DuLaney prefers a medium-grade paper with a bit of a metallic finish, which creates nice, sharp creases.

4. Practice makes perfect

Like most things in life: practice makes perfect. If you’ve purchased particularly expensive paper, do a practice run with regular paper beforehand for best results.

5. Measurements matter

To get the most use from your roll, wrap packages with the longest side of the box facing the cut edge of the paper whenever possible. Too much is preferable to too little, so make the cut erring on the side of caution, as you can always trim down later. Leave enough paper to fold an edge over when you meet in the middle for a cleaner look.

6. The art of edge folding

Once you’ve got your middle bits sorted, rotate your present to the short edges and fold flaps downward so these aren’t noticeable when your present is top-facing. Run your finger and thumb along packages creases for a smooth finish.

7. Delightful details

To really take your wrapping to the next level, add extra detail such as ribbon or bows. Experts recommend to include detail in the wrapping as a hint to what lies inside. For example; garnish books with a bookmark or cooking elements with a sprig of fresh herbs.

8. Don’t cut ties too soon

Allow yourself double the amount of ribbon you think you’ll need and do your criss-crossing and knotting at the top of your present so your gift sits flat (contrary to popular practice). Keep ribbon in place with your thumb and tie bottom to top, then lengthwise around the gift before tying a bow, only at the very end cutting the ribbon from its spool.

And Voila! You have created the perfectly wrapped, personalised present.

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