1. Let’s Get Physical

Remember when you didn’t have enough hours in your day to squeeze in some form of physical fitness? Well, now there’s no excuses! Retirement is the perfect time to take up a new sport or rekindle your passion for one you already know.

Many sports also offer a good social outlet and regular physical activity is a known deterrent for depression, which can be common in the life-after-work transition.

2. Expand Your Horizons

Retirement offers the freedom to explore places, people and cultures you have never experienced. Whether you decide to pack-up all your worldly belongings and span the globe, or throw some things in a suitcase and take off on a random road trip, there’s no time like the present to experience sights unseen.

If you are heading further afield, this also presents the opportunity to learn a new language. As well as enhancing your travel experience, studying another language has been proven to boost memory, improve attention, and stimulate brain growth and function.

Retired Couple on Motor Bike

3. Share Skills and Knowledge

You’ve spent a lifetime developing and honing your skills and knowledge within your chosen industry, so why not use your retirement to share these valuable resources with others? Paid and unpaid opportunities exist including mentoring, volunteering or teaching. Utilising these opportunities is a valuable and fulfilling way to help ease your transition out of the workforce.

4. Improve Your Intellect

Who would’ve thought that leaving work could have a positive impact on your intellectual ability? Taking courses, reading more, joining a book club, keeping a diary or journal, or even writing your memoirs, will help your mind to stay active, focused and busy – promoting intellectual development.

Similarly, learning a new skill through formal or informal training has a positive impact on intellectual advancement. Painting, sculpting, pottery, cooking – whatever you have always thought about doing – the time is now!

Retired Couple Drinking coffee & reading tablet

5. Rekindle Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of retirement is the ability to spend quality time with family, friends and the ones you love the most. Take the time to acknowledge and appreciate those who’ve supported and encouraged you on your journey through employment.

That friend you’ve been thinking about but have lost touch with because life got in the way – call them! Treat your partner to some quality time and be sure to spoil your grandchildren. After all, isn’t this what you’ve been working so hard for in the first place?

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