1. Find out what they like to drink

There’s no point in gifting a bottle of the finest Shiraz to a Chardonnay connoisseur. Or similarly, presenting a bottle of the best Semillon Blanc to a Pinot Noir professional. Our point is – do your research. Find out your intended recipient’s favourite indulgence and hunt for a specialty of that particular blend.

Wine cellar - Male holding Wine Bottle

2. Wrap it up

There is no better way to transform a cheap bottle of plonk (or even an expensive one for that matter), into a sentimental statement than by wrapping it with love. We highly recommend the that features customised engraving and comes complete with a set of professional wine tools.

3. Find it’s perfect match

Every wine aficionado knows that wine and cheese makes for the perfect partnership. So why not create the perfect match with a charming cheeseboard – and maybe throw in a Blue or two for good measure?

The Engraved Executive Deluxe Cheeseboard is the ideal way to customise your gift  and the Engraved Executive 3-piece Cheese Set is a cute touch that takes your present from common to considerate in a heartbeat.

Engraved Cheese Serving Board

4. Pair it with glassware

Presenting your preferred drop with an object from which to enjoy this precious present will definitely earn you bonus points; however, personalising these very objects can be the piece de resistance in gift-giving sophistication and sentimentality.

Whether it be sleek or stemless, coupling the gift of wine with customised glassware expresses just how much you value and respect the recipient, and presents the ultimate in gift-giving care and consideration.

5. Bring it home with a hamper

Express your sincere gratitude with a gourmet hamper that talks to the individual tastes and preferences of your intended recipient.

We’re not talking a standard off-the-shelf number: take the time to select individual gifts that will appeal to your giftee as part of a package, with their favourite alcoholic beverage as your classic centrepiece. Team with personalised products such as the Engraved BarMate Bottle Opener for maximum impact.

Gift it like you mean it

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