1. Alcohol – an obvious choice
While many of us turn to liquid enhancement to cope with the pressures of raising two, possibly three dependents—imagine what it would take to cope with a classroom of around ten times that many children on a daily basis.

Needless to say, alcohol is a popular choice when purchasing an appreciative gift for teachers. However, to express your sincere gratitude, why not do a little groundwork to find out the individual teacher’s preferred drop, or look at presenting your gift in a customised bottle, bag or box to really say thank you like you mean it?

2. Sweet treat (homemade is the best kind)
Any teacher will tell you, another coping mechanism for dealing with the younger generation is to ply themselves with the sweet treats that we deny this very generation from consuming. Now before you reach for yet another box of Favourites, how about some homemade sweet treats to emphasise your gratitude?

Personalised gift bags or name tags can add a professional edge to your produce, and is sure to evoke a positive response from your educator.

3. Handmade paraphernalia—from the heart
Believe it or not, teachers really do value the lopsided pottery pieces or more-than-abstract artworks presented to them from students for a job well done. More than anything, these from-the-heart gifts say thank you from the people who matter most. The time and energy used to produce them is a gift in itself that says ‘I value what you are trying to do, even if I do spend 90% of every class waiting for the bell to ring.’

4. Caffeine hit: everybody benefits
Secondary only to alcohol and sugary treats is a substance close to many teachers’ heart—caffeine. Helping them through their daily grind, a shot of espresso, creamy latte or traditional flat white can do wonders for both personal satisfaction and educational outcomes. Customising your teacher’s coffee mug goes that extra step to ensure they feel appreciated and valued at every caffeine hit.

5. At least customise your cards!
At a pinch, if you must run out at the last minute to purchase an off-the-shelf teacher gift, at least try and accompany it with a customised card or tag. This shows that all is not in vain, and while you understand your offspring can be emotional, irrational and basically hard work, you hope that together you can help shape the person you know they can become.

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