6. All in the Family

So you’re stuck working alongside your boss’ offspring—a coworker who would have been fired at the apprentice round, if it weren’t for his or her powerful family connections in the company. Despite a complete lack of talent, commitment or camaraderie, this contemptuous colleague continues to rise through the ranks, while you and your teammates pick up the slack.

Gift hack: Membership to ancestory.com, a family heritage album or anything else to call out his or her nepotistic roots would be a satisfying gift. Then again, it may be safer to purchase a customised keyring for the Porsche. Your call.

7. The Office Gossip

Image of Girls saying blah, blah, blah

Knows every detail about every employee from the ground floor to the CEO’s office and is not shy about sharing it. Never mind how these steamy snippets of office trivia make their way into The Gossip’s scandalous secret stash, but have no doubt: if you’re involved in an office drama or disaster, The Gossip will know about it and won’t hesitate to use this information to their advantage.

Gift hack: Spoil this colleague with some irresistible artisanal chocolates—personalised to their individual taste and flavor preferences. After all, it’s hard to gossip when you’re mouth’s full of chocolate.

8. The Fast Tracker

Gaining promotions faster than a moon-bound rocket, The Fast Tracker is ambitious to a fault and is single-minded about getting to the top—whatever it takes. It’s wise to stay on the good side of The Fast Tracker, as they will probably be your boss one day. Just don’t stand in the way of their ascension to seniority.

Gift hack: Get this coworker a watch or time-piece inscribed with their initials, so they can keep track of their meteoric rise.

9. The Brown Noser

Man kissing Lady Bosses Feet

One of the more irritating of office personalities, The Brown Noser puts on a special show when the boss is around. Despite the fact they haven’t fulfilled any of their KPI’s and rarely contribute in a group environment, they are the first to jump in and claim credit at any opportunity.
However, while most bosses appreciate the flattery; action usually speaks louder than words and The Brown Noser will need to do more than kiss ass if they want to keep their job in the long term.

Gift hack: A customised compact desk mirror offers an ideal gift for the Brown Noser. This way, even they would have to witness their embarrassing antics.

10. The Illusionist

This colleague turns up to work every day, spends time on their computer, goes to meetings and speaks to contacts on the phone regularly, but no one is sure what they actually do. They give the illusion of participating in work-like activities, but are what is their actual job? Surely it can’t be too integral to company success if no one—including the boss—seems to know what it is?

Gift hack: A bag of old-fashioned magic tricks would go down a treat with The Illusionist, and help keep the magic of their work-like façade alive.

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