To simplify the gift giving process for colleagues and coworkers, we offer the following suggestions for every kind of personality you may encounter:

1. The Chatter

Man with Big Mouth Sign

You’re trying to make deadline on your latest report, when The Chatter sidles up to your cubicle with a seemingly innocent enquiry; however, you know this will turn into at least a half an hour self-centred monologue about their latest ailment/relationship drama/overseas holiday.
Gift hack: A monogrammed journal or customised notebook that is specifically for recording their latest exploits. Suggest they email these rambling essays to you rather than endure the verbal version and make your next deadline on time.

2. The Micro-Manager

One of the biggest time wasters in the modern-day workplace. Not only are they able to relinquish control, they actually prevent you from doing your job through their constant interference. They love making changes for change’s sake, just to ensure their own personal stamp is on everything you do.

Gift hack: A personalised pen, preferably red, that they will no doubt use excessively on all future documents.

3. The Over-Committer

The Over-Committer unnecessarily takes on additional responsibilities and workload, to the point where they are showing up their less-committed colleagues (you) in the eyes of your workplace superiors. Over-committers tend to have a shortened workplace life span, often leaving due to stress related fatigue.

Gift hack: The Over-Committer loves a good spreadsheet or detailed diary to schedule all of that additional work. Make it extra special by customising with personal details so everyone is aware of your most committed staff member.

4. One Foot out the Door

The colleague on their way out—whether it be retirement, extended leave or career change—has little to no care left for their responsibilities in the current environment. Coasting through on the bare minimum, they spend their working hours measuring the time they have remaining or researching life-after-office activities.
Gift hack: A customised coffee mug, possibly featuring colleague’s faces and a personal farewell—just so they don’t miss you too much when they’re gone.

5. The Cool Guy (or Girl)

Corporate male in suit and sunglasses looking cool

They’re the fun one who breaks all the rules and is a bad influence on you. They show up late, possess a certain swagger and can get away with being cheeky to the boss. For all this, their career never seems to suffer—in fact it skyrockets.

Gift hack: A stylish hip-flask so they can sneakily consume their beverage of choice in inappropriate situations. Although make sure you inscribe their name on it so they can’t pretend it’s yours if it’s discovered in the next workplace audit.

The second part to our Colleagues and Coworkers Gift Giving Guide will be available on the blog next week. In the meantime, find original gifts to suit every personality type at