With Customised Branded Products

At Keep It Custom we’ve moved beyond simply slapping your logo on a pen, key-ring or cap that end up in the bottom draw or bin. Our team provides a range of unique gift options which are not only branded with your logo and company details, but also ‘personalised’ individually. This enables you to create a special keepsake that’s proudly received by the recipient.

With Inspired Personalisation

Selected products can be laser engraved with individual customer or target client’s names, quirky saying, catch phrases, event details or custom images. Our products are unique, usable and above all lasting. This ensures your brand is noticed for longer periods providing greater value for your marketing dollars!

With Products to Suit Your Industry

Hospitality, retail, service or professional services, whatever your industry or target market we’ve got it covered. Glasses, wineboxes, cheese boards, bottle openers…plus much more! There’s plenty of options available to suit your marketing campaign, gift or giveaway without overwhelming you with unnecessary choices.

With Gift Ideas to Match Target Personalities

Whether your targeting corporate executives, outdoor types, sports fans, food lovers, millennials or the elderly with have the products to match the various personally traits.

With Keep It Custom!

At Keep It Custom, our user friendly, streamlined online ordering enables you to access wonderful promotional products and marketing gifts without the headaches. Working equally well regardless of your business size, we cater to large corporate companies, start-ups or family businesses. You’ll find everything you need to start 2017 with a bang at www.keepitcustom.com.au