Custom Gifts for the one you love

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, are only just ‘Facebook official’, or you’re admiring from afar, a unique way to express your love is with a personal, custom gift.

1.    A sweet memory with their favourite glass of plonk

Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon. Wine names can be classy and are synonymous with romance.

Beautiful wines open the door to a whole lot of romance, and if your significant other appreciates a fine drop, there is no better gift than a customised wine glass to drink from, be merry and in love.

These premium all-purpose wine glasses will create a lasting impression on that special someone’s heart. 

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Engraved Wine Glass

2.    A gift to really ‘hammer’ your love in

Are they handy around the house? A budding DIY enthusiast? Hard to buy for? Look no more, with this unique and thoughtful gift for the person who has ‘nailed’ a spot in your heart.

This customised hammer is made from durable metal with a smooth wooden handle, which holds your engraved custom message.

Whether it’s a gift to build your new life together, or a practical gift with a love note, this customised hammer will be long remembered and forever cherished by your Valentine.

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3.    Your love for them blooms like flowers

Your love has stood the test of time and each Valentine’s Day you love to show it.

Take your Valentine’s flowers one step further with an everlasting glass vase, custom engraved with a special, personal message.

A unique showpiece for any home, this is an ideal surprise addition to the usual bunch of flowers.

With an engraved glass vase, you’ll be sure to receive a blooming good reaction.

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4.    Every page they’ll think of you

A love of good books and good love stories go hand in hand.

Bookworms around the world will curl up on the couch this Valentine’s Day and lose themselves in some of history’s greatest love stories.

Why not be with them every time they turn the page with an exquisitely cut wooden bookmark, engraved with a special custom message?

If you’re in love with a bookworm, they’ll be swooning over their new bookmark, not just that timeless love story. 

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Custom Valentine’s Day gifts for your special someone

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