It’s an essential part of our everyday lives, and as a famous chocolate company once noted, it gives us the energy to work, rest and play.

But some of us love food more than others. Yes, you know the type: they’re always up on the next best restaurant or latest food trend, and they actually know how to pronounce ‘quinoa’.

If you’ve got a food-lover in your life, and you’re looking for a present that will make a big impact on their heart, stomach and kitchen – look no further than these great foodie finds.

  1. Say cheese

What’s not to love about cheese? You can eat for every meal – trust us, breakfast cheese is a culinary revelation – and it makes almost anything taste much more delicious than it has any right to. After all, without a cheese sauce, how would we get our kids to eat their veggies?

It’s also the perfect addition to any party. Just keep a couple of wheels in your fridge, and when unexpected guests drop by, you’ll be ready to serve them something so delicious they’ll think you’ve been planning it for months.

So, what do you get a cheese-loving client, or a dear colleague who loves a dairy hit?

First up, we’d recommend a speciality Engraved Executive Wooden Cheese Serving Paddle Board that looks as good when it’s on display as it does when it’s the server for some cheesy treats.

paddle board

It’s the perfect platter for antipasto or canapes, too, making it a food-lover’s dream gift.

As an alternative, you might like to create a little rustic, wine-region ambience with this Engraved Promotional 3-Piece Cheese Set. Each block set contains all the serving essentials, including a pointed cheese knife, tapered cutting slice with a square tip, and a two-pronged fork.

It’s compact and easy to clean, and best of all, has plenty of space for your business name, logo and tagline… so they won’t forget who gave them such a fabulous gift.

Cheese Knife Set 

  1. A cut above

They’ve got the best, sharpest and most ergonomic knives, and the freshest of produce to cook with. Now, they just need a proper implement to make chopping up their gourmet dinners a breeze.

Enter the Engraved Executive Deluxe Chopping Board. It’s a lasting, functional gift that’ll bring elegance to any kitchen with its beautiful, rustic finish. Each board is made from quality acacia hardwood, and also has plenty of space for you to add your own engraved business name, logo and message.

Cheese Knife Set 

  1. Drink up

Acids, aftertaste and an aging barrel – wine time is a fine time for any food aficionado. They know all the greatest pairings, and can sniff out a sauvignon blanc from a chardonnay in five seconds flat.

It stands to reason, then, that your foodie acquaintance will just love to receive a special vessel for their most precious drop.

You can’t go wrong with an Engraved Promotional 360ml Wine Glass. These versatile glasses are laser-engraved, creating a stylish, elegant vehicle for your business name and logo. They’re a low-cost, creative and very functional gift.

If they’re more into the thirst-quenching stylings of a nice, cold beer, gift them a personalised Engraved Promotional 470ml Beer Can Glass. These on-trend glass beer cans present a much more fun alternative to the usual stubby or schooner.

360ml Wine Glass

For those who are interested in the finer things, you might opt for an Engraved Champagne Butler Set instead. Each one includes two high-quality European champagne glasses, supported by a wooden butler, and all three pieces can be custom engraved with the same message, or your unique individual selection – so it’s time to get creative!

Champagne Butler Set

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