Whether they’re personal or professional, anniversaries are significant milestones in anyone’s life, and celebrating a staff member’s tenure at your company is an important way of telling them that they matter to your business.

Choosing the perfect gift to mark the occasion might seem overwhelming, but never fear: we can make it easy for you to ensure your staff member feels special on their big day.

Workplace Anniversary

  1. For the ones that love to share the celebrations

What better way to help your staff member share their achievements than by gifting them a personalised gift that they can share with family and friends at home.

They’ll love receiving a celebration toast from a twin set of high-quality European champagne glasses, which can be decorated with a special message by our skilled engraving team - make sure you include some kind words, their name, anniversary date and your logo.

To complete the look, the finished glasses are packaged inside a charming gold gift box. 

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Twin Champagne Glass Set 

  1. For those who always say it with flowers  

Another unique and unforgettable option is to gift your staff member with a classic glass vase.

Have it engraved with your personal message with our professional engraving service, and then fill it with their favourite flowers – according to florists, roses, sweet peas and hydrangeas all mean ‘appreciation’.

It’s sure to take pride of place on their desk and be reused at home or in the office for years to come.

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Anniversary Vase 

  1. For the cheese-loving foodie types

There’s one in every office: the ‘foodie’ who always have the best lunch options and can give you a well-honed recipe for everything from sausage rolls to a snow egg.

On their anniversary day, they’ll love to unwrap their very own engraved wooden cheese paddle, and then use it serve friends and family throughout the year at home.

Each board can be custom decorated with your unique design, creating a lasting memento of a wonderful career.

Buy Now: Engraved Anniversary Wooden Cheese Serving Paddle Board

Anniversary Paddle Board

  1. For those who like to keep it low-key

Not everyone loves to make a big ‘song and dance’ about their work anniversaries, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be celebrated in a way that’s appropriate to their personality type.

A customised printed acrylic block could be the low-key gift you’re after, as it will sit subtly on their desk as a beautiful and enduring ‘thank you’ from the company they’ve served so well.

This minimalist piece exudes effortless elegance and a modern style, with clean lines and a clear façade that offers a fresh approach to traditional formats. Our high-end, accurate printing also lets you showcase all of their achievements throughout the years, and it can be individually tailored to suit every recipient.

This is a timeless piece that will suit every long-standing employee. 

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Anniversary Acrylic Plaque

Say thanks to those who keep the wheels of your business turning - find the perfect staff anniversary gift to suit every personality at keepitcustom.com.au