5 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Products

1. Promotional products promote top-of-mind recall

Whether it be your favourite Parker pen, your office coffee mug, or even that hip flask you carry in your pocket on special occasions—there is no denying that the competitive advantage of a promotional gift is its ability to assist in your recollection of a company name and at times even its branding slogan, over that of its competitors.

Strategically selecting your promotional products can also help to align your brand with the feelings and sentiment evoked when using each product. Cup of Nescafe anyone?

Engraved Promotional Corporate 500ml Sports Drink Bottle

2. Promotional products evoke a positive response

Everyone likes receiving presents. Being the recipient of a ‘free’ gift that is a useful aid in your everyday life, life a reusable drink bottle, makes you feel fortunate and valued. By association, these feelings will spill onto the company from which you have received the promotional product, encouraging customer loyalty and evoking a positive response to the brand.

3. Promotional products are a long-term investment

Unlike advertising and marketing campaigns, which represent maximum spend for limited-time investment, promotional products withstand the test of time. Sure, the coffee cup might have un-washable stains and the once-crisp work shirt has now become a round-the-house-only wear, but these products are nonetheless still kicking around—promoting recall, generating awareness and eliciting favourable associations over many years.

4. Promotional products can reach previously untapped markets

The re-gifting of promotional products is a valuable phenomenon that helps to take your brand awareness to new audiences and promotes growth of your consumer base. Undoubtedly, many of you will have been an appreciative recipient of a promotional pen at some point in your life. This is great news, as the passing on of promotional items can greatly benefit a brand.

Engraved Promotional Designer Pen

5. Promotional products can start a conversation about your brand

Whether you select a quirky, bottle opener or a tried-and-tested beer mug, using a tangible object to promote your business helps to create a conversation. Firstly, from you to your customer, then between the recipient, colleagues and coworkers, family and friends. From there the product may be passed on, repurposed or remain with the recipient for years to come. Whatever the outcome, a promotional product creates a conversation and gets people talking about your brand. 
With these competitive advantages, it’s not only James Bond who realises the value of a quality promotional product.

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