Christmas Gifts for the Unsung Heros

We all know it’s important to get a Christmas gift for those who are front and centre in your life, like your family, teacher or boss. But what about those who toil away behind the scenes, giving and giving to us throughout the year, but never receiving more than a brisk ‘ta’?

We’re talking about the hairdressers, babysitters, coaches and gym instructors: the ones who slog it out with you, 365 days a year, and certainly deserve more than a quick pat-on-the-back.

If you’ve just added one of them to the last-minute list, never fear: we’ve got the perfect Christmas pressie that will make their day.

‘Hairs’ to you – thanks for keeping my secrets

Hairdressers can be some of our closest confidants: they know all about our love lives, the awful person you work with, and how many grey hairs you’re hiding underneath all that dye. So why not treat them to a little something special for Christmas?

Made from natural wood, our cheese knife set comes with three utensils and is ideal for serving your favour cheeses. It is expertly engraved with a customised design, making it the ideal way to show your appreciation for their hair wizardry (not to mention housing all those secrets!).  

Engraved Round Cheese Knife Set

Some sweet treats for our guardian angels  

Thank God for babysitters. Without them, we’d be found rocking somewhere in the corner of our house every 3-4 weeks, as they’re the angels that give us a night off and the chance to reconnect with a spouse or catch up with long-lost friends.

They know the inner workings of your family, and how to put your kids to bed (or just keep them alive for a few hours), so don’t they deserve a great gift?

Many babysitters would appreciate having a reusable coffee cup because it's a practical item they can use in their daily lives. Our eco-friendly keep cups can be personalised with their name, which shows you've put thought into selecting something they would enjoy.  

Engraved Reusable 340ml Glass Coffee Cup with Silicone Lid

Time to toast your coach

They chase your kids around the field, weekend after weekend, and we’re sure they need a stiff drink after some of those Saturdays.

Just like you, they come home at the end of the day muddy and exhausted from having to referee yet another argument between parents on opposing teams. For all of this, we think they deserve a top-shelf present.

Our distinctive engraved whiskey glass set is perfectly positioned to house a classic beverage this festive season. Featuring personalised messaging and expert laser engraving, it’s the ideal way to show your appreciation for all their whistle-blowing and clipboard-ticking. 

Engraved Decanter Gift Set

Work it out with the instructor you love to loathe

Ahh, our gym instructors and personal trainers: they flog us week after week, and yet we still keep coming back, because they’re just so good at whipping us into shape.

They also keep themselves trim, and while it would be sacrilegious to offer them cheese knives or a wine glass, we’ve got the perfect alternative: help them keep hydrated in style with a personally engraved drink bottle displaying their name.

Made from durable stainless steel, double walled and vacuum insulated, each drink bottle holds 700ml and keeps your liquid cooler for longer.

Find the perfect Christmas gift for every unsung hero

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