It’s Got Your Name On It

With a new year comes brand-new opportunities to make sure your business name is known by as many people as possible.

But there’s no denying it: these days, the market is a competitive place. A simple Google search can give your customers hundreds of options at their fingertips, so you want to make sure you’re top-of-mind next time a customer needs a service you provide.

It’s no wonder that promotional gifts are back in a big way. They offer brand recognition, they’re cost-effective, and they can give you money-can’t-buy exposure.

So why not welcome your clients to a brand-new year with some of these top promotional products? They’re sure to be better than a business card and provide better up close and personal contact than your Google search ranking.

When you want to make a big impact

If you’ve got a significant campaign coming up, you need a bold option that says ‘elegance’ to any potential client – and because it’s as functional as it is beautiful, a cheese knife set is sure to be a keeper in any recipient’s personal or corporate kitchen.

If you’re a business with a foodie focus –such as a hotelier, winery or catering supplier - this is particularly perfect for you.

Alternatively, if you’re an agent who has just sold a key piece of high-end real estate, this is also the ultimate ‘thank you’ gift to the new owners: because there’s nothing better than visitors associating a stunning kitchen with your sales technique! 

This classic, lasting piece is sure to be a stand-out feature in kitchens, boardrooms or bars, and can be used for serving nibbles, cheese, cold meats and breads. Made of high-quality acacia wood, it also engraves in a rich, brown colour, so your company’s slogan and logo are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Engraved Wooden 3 Piece Cheese Set

When you want to drive the message home

One of the best ways to ensure your brand is always on your customer’s mind is to find a way to enter their home or office. This means finding a promotional product that they’ll be proud to display in their sanctuary, and will undoubtedly use day in, day out.

An enrgaved, premium glass coaster will get right under your customer’s nose (in the best way possible), and will suit any existing décor. These high-end pieces will rise above the pack, giving a nod to effortless style and sophistication.

Engraved Promotional Corporate Glass Coasters

When you want to brighten the mood

When someone comes home from work, stressed and tired, what actions do they take to lighten their mood? For some, opening a bottle might be top of the list, but the healthier option would have to be lighting a beautiful, scented candle.

Candles can help us to relax, feel calm, feel energised, and bring us into a more productive mindset, while a soothing jasmine scent has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Promotional Candle with Engraved Wooden Gift Tag

Aren’t these all qualities you’d love people to associate with your brand?

A refreshing candle is a unique marketing gift, and particularly suited to those in industries like beauty, cosmetics, salons and therapists. But it’s not limited just to these professions, because trust us - everyone loves to receive this universal calming force. 

When you want an everyday crowd pleaser

The humble promotional pen has been an effective, beloved promo gift for years, and it’s easy to see why.

While plastic, supermarket pens are a dime a dozen (and are usually thrown away long before the ink has dried), our engraved ‘power pen’ is built to last, giving it a longevity that people will come to associate with your brand.

We’ll laser engrave each one with your company’s details for a pocket-sized promotional dynamo that’s so sleek, smart and snazzy, it’ll take pride of place on any boardroom tabletop.

Gift Boxed Engraved Premium Pen

When you want a product that’ll travel

Starting the car? See your brand name. Opening the front door? Your brand name. Having a pick-me-up after a long day? Your brand name again.

A cheeky little promo item, these mini hip flasks each hold a nip (or 30ml) of your favourite spirit, and are finished in classic chrome. They can be clipped on to keychains, handbags or beltloops, so your message will travel in style, along with your prospective client.

Engraved Promotional Mini Hip Flask Keyring

You can engrave your company name and logo directly onto the flask, and it’s small enough to be a hand-held giveaway at tradeshows, in mailouts, or as a gift-with-purchase.

This innovative advertising tool is perfect for liquor, entertainment and festival industry promotions – or for any client that loves a tipple or two.

So, begin your year with a bang and leave a lasting impression on potential clients and customised in a more personal way. Shop the full range of high-quality, unique branded promotional items at Keep it Custom.

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